Alessandro Gifford

Alessandro Gifford

Computational neuroscientist

Berlin, Germany

About me

I'm a PhD student doing research in cognitive computational neuroscience at the Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin, Germany. I am part of the Neural Dynamics of Visual Cognition Lab, led by Radoslaw Cichy.

People do science for many different reasons. As for me, I deeply enjoy intellectual challenges, and I see science as the ideal platform to think, explore, discover and create, all with great flexibility and freedom.

My research focuses on a particularly stimulating challenge: investigating the nature of intelligence. I combine brain data with machine learning to gain novel insight and to develop new tools that advance our theoretical understanding of the algorithms underlying intelligent systems.

Besides scientific research, things in life that I appreciate are: philosophy, learning, open and honest communication, movies (independent/arthouse), electronic music, playing Frisbee, mountain hikes, sleeping.