BOLD Moments: modeling short visual events through a video fMRI dataset and metadata


Studying the neural basis of human dynamic visual perception requires extensive experimental data to evaluate the large swathes of functionally diverse brain neural networks driven by perceiving visual events. Here, we introduce the BOLD Moments Dataset (BMD), a repository of whole-brain fMRI responses to over 1,000 short (3s) naturalistic video clips of visual events across ten human subjects. We use the videos’ extensive metadata to show how the brain represents word- and sentence-level descriptions of visual events and identify correlates of video memorability scores extending into the parietal cortex. Furthermore, we reveal a match in hierarchical processing between cortical regions of interest and video-computable deep neural networks, and we showcase that BMD successfully captures temporal dynamics of visual events at second resolution. With its rich metadata, BMD offers new perspectives and accelerates research on the human brain basis of visual event perception.